Madera store owners hope video helps catch robbery suspects

FRESNO, Calif.

The two men who robbed the jewelry store were still on the loose Saturday night. The store owners are hoping video will help police catch them.

In the video you'll see the frightening moments from several different angles. A man in light colored jeans and a green hooded sweatshirt casually walks into the Gent Jay Jewelry store.

"He just walked in and I said sir can I help you. He pointed the gun at me and said you're being robbed," Gloria Schultz said.

Schultz was alone in the store when the crooks began to rob her. In the video, the first man is seen pointing his gun at Gloria. Moments later, a second man, also in a hooded sweatshirt, is seen walking in with a black and white bag.

He heads directly behind the counter, and grabs the owner's hidden hand gun, then proceeds to swipe a display case full of necklaces and rings into his bag. "And the other one was telling me that I was going to die. To shut up."

In the video, Gloria is seen begging the two men not to take her merchandise. Then the crime takes a turn. From another angle, two customers can be seen walking up to the store, Gloria says that's when she was saved.

As the customers began to walk inside, she yelled for help and the two thieves ran out of the store.

"Today I am glad that I'm still alive, because I came very close to not being alive." By Saturday afternoon, Gent Jay Jewelry was back open for business. "I can't give up my job and what I'm doing because of this one incident," Gloria said.

The owners say they will be extra careful of how they run their store from now on. As for the security video, Madera Police now have a copy to help in their investigation.

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