Kelly's Beach in Reedley has re-opened to campers

FRESNO, Calif.

This year's massive snowmelt has kept local rivers full. The amount of water being released from local reservoirs has been reduced but some popular spots are still flooded.

The Kings River may look cool and inviting but the waterway remained off limits because of unsafe conditions. Popular spots like Reedley Beach were closed to the public. Picnic spots are flooded.

Sara Tristan and her grand-daughter Alexia enjoyed the view but were disappointed they couldn't go into the water.

Tristan said, "When I come just today I was surprised because I didn't know the river's closed. What did you think when you saw the river was closed? I said, oh my gosh. I don't believe it."

10-year old Alexia Flores added, "Well I'm still shocked about like can't get into the water and get wet because it's so hot outside."

Kelly's Beach in Reedley has re-opened to campers. A few days ago the park area was underwater but the floodwaters have subsided. Store clerk Juanita Ferguson said, "Now a week later, miracles happen so it looks really good. We're real happy."

Groundskeepers were pushing river water out of the grass. Ferguson said, "We're drying it out so we can bring out campers as usual. We've had a few cancellations. We're hoping people come back and realize Kelly's is open."

For some who live along the Kings, the stairs leading to the river's edge were underwater. Boat docks have re-emerged.

Water levels are dropping but not enough for Lindy's Landing in Reedley to re-open anytime soon. The volleyball net would be more useful for catching fish creeping towards campsites.

Campsite manager Paula Trekus explained, "It's probably going to be at least the end of July before we are able to open up again."

Road signs at Lindy's Landing are just above the water's surface but the path leading to boat launch is still underwater. "See that little bitty bush way down there that is our boat launch."

So Lindy's Landing remains closed but you can still reserve a campsite at Kelly's Beach. You can't go into the water but you can still camp and fish.

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