Fresno's MAGEC team hits the streets looking for gang members

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fresno Police Department spearheaded this sweep but officers and deputies from the surrounding areas helped out as well. It's a monthly effort that Chief Dyer says sends a strong message to gang members that their criminal activity will not be tolerated.

Dozens of officers mobilized and conducted checkups throughout the city. Officers went to gang members addresses and arrested them if they violated the terms of their parole.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says a handful of gangs, most notably the 'dog pound gang' is responsible for a string of shootings around the city in recent weeks. And that became the focus of Wednesday night's gang sweep and parole operation.

Chief Dyer said, "The gangs that we're going after today are very violent. They're very active. And they're the ones that are sometimes wreaking havoc on our neighborhoods."

Investigators conducted 68 searches, arrested 21 people and recovered one sawed off shotgun along with narcotics.

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