Fresno State students are taking a stand against crime

FRESNO, Calif.

A handful of student leaders will speak at the Fresno City Council meeting in the morning. They say they're not safe in the neighborhoods around campus, and they're tired of it.

For some students, walking off the Fresno State campus at night can be scary.

Nicolle Riecher said, "We've had plenty of incidents outside our sorority house, you just can't even walk out to your car at night by yourself because it's so unsafe."

So students are busy on Facebook... this page, called 'Revitalize The Fresno State Community' already has nearly 800 members.

Fresno State Graduate Student, Tommy Daly is one of them. Daly also represents fraternities and sororities for student government. "We want to make a difference, we have this energy and we have the resources and the drive to actually make a change."

Greek and other student housing sits near the El Dorado Park neighborhood, which students say is the biggest problem. "There are a lot of personal testimonies of violence, property crimes, drug deals and such things that really detract from the entire Fresno State experience."

In May, a rash of assaults and robberies prompted several safety alerts around campus. Then on June 1st, Police say three men stabbed someone just outside of Bulldog Stadium. And the most recent, a shooting outside the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house sent three people to the hospital.

Students like Kourtney Malone and Nicolle Reichel say it's not the students who are causing problems. They blame the surrounding neighborhoods.

Riecher said, "As a student and living around here it's really unsettling to know that they're not taking care of us and making sure that we're safe."

The students heading the social media movement say it's time for them to quit placing blame, and start acting.

Daly explained, "We don't want to point fingers and say 'you need to do this for us.' we want to take all of the effort and all the excitement from such a horrible tragedy and direct it in a very positive manner."

Kourtney Malone said, "I think this generation is one that has a voice and I'm glad that we're using our voice."

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