Kings River open in 3 locations, officials caution swimmers

FRESNO, Calif.

The water along a portion of the Kings River was relatively calm but still higher than it usually is. Kings County Officials say this is the place to come cool off as long as you do it safely.

Riding along the Kings River, there is a visible difference in current. The river is much calmer, making it safe to head out on a boat or jet ski." We've been waiting for the water to be open," Michael Ourique said.

Ourique along with several others, was cooling off in water. "What's the water like?" "It's good, better than driving all the way to the lake."

Even though this portion of the Kings River is open to the public, Kings County Deputies are out patrolling. They're checking to make sure everyone is safe this holiday weekend. "It's really great conditions for people to come out and water ski, inner tube, jet ski, and personal water craft," Deputy Dan Hoslett said.

The current here is relaxed thanks to overflow dams, called weirs. "In the South Fork here, they've been able to, with the use of these weirs. Slow the water down enough so it's at a level and pace that's very good for boating."

Despite these enticing conditions the sheriff's department warns, the water is still dangerous if you're not careful. In fact a few miles upstream, a Lemoore sailor drowned after jumping out of his raft to avoid one of those dangerous overflow dams.

Just as a reminder other areas of the Kings River are still closed in Kings County. That includes the North Fork a few miles upstream where the current is still very swift.

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