Fresno girl, 11, struck by bullet while watching fireworks

FRESNO, Calif.

Family friends say they thought a firework fragment had injured the girl. Those near her at the time say it looked more like a cut in her collarbone, than a gunshot wound. Doctors made the shocking discovery while treating her.

Stained streets and empty boxes of fireworks show the fun celebration on Grove Avenue Monday night.

Family friend, Luis Cardenas said, "I was here sitting here and she was there."

Cardenas was sitting in his driveway, when suddenly the 11-year-old victim got up. He says no one knew what happened.

"She was like ow, I got something here and she went to the kitchen to get some Band-Aid," said Cardenas.

Fresno Police say hospital officials reported the serious injury early Tuesday morning and detectives hit the streets looking for any evidence or tips.

Burke Farrah, Fresno Police Department said, "We don't believe this was an intentional act but it's clearly a stupid act. But the law prohibits people doing stupid things that cause injury to other people."

Investigators aren't sure where the gun was fired from, but say it could have been several blocks away. Police say although the child was calm, she was clearly hurt.

"That was the original reason they took her to the hospital was she was in pain. However, she was conversing in complete sentences, talking," said Farrah. "Complaint of pain seemed to be the only injury."

Cardenas says he was surprised to find out the injury was from a bullet that fell from the sky. Neighbors say they are shocked, too.

"It's kinda scary because there were kids all out here last night, everywhere, so it could've been anybody that got hit," said Cardenas. "No one knows where the bullet came from, so."

The child's injuries are serious but not life threatening. Police say the bullet appears to be from a small caliber gun. If the suspect is found, they could face charges of negligent discharge of a firearm causing injury.

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