Hoops phenom Jerron Love headed to Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

"I was excited about it because I wanted to experience different things," said Love. "The west coast seemed welcoming. And I felt like getting out of the east coast was the best thing for me at this time."

Love says his family is making the move to make a fresh start, and give himself an opportunity to grow in a different environment.

"It's all different things here," Love said. "I feel a clean slate. I have to show my first impression to everybody because in the east coast everybody knew me. But now I get to show a different impression to everybody. And I think that's good for me."

Love has not completed the enrollment process at Clovis West yet. As a junior high school standout, he caught the eye of several prominent college programs. Love's mother says it's tough to help him walk the fine line between basketball prodigy, and fun loving teenager.

"Practicing is necessary but you have to balance," said Jerron's mother, Tenisha Ramos. "You have to manage his time. You have to show him what balance is. Especially with school.

"He always constantly wants to work out. I don't know where he gets his strength and ambition from, his drive. But it's really about staying a parent and saying, 'This is what has to be done.'"

For Love, it's an opportunity to blaze a trail for 11-year-old Lunden Taylor, an incoming sixth grader out of Chicago who is already making noise in basketball circles. Taylor will be home schooled in the fall, before enrolling at Kastner junior high school next year.

"[I get] straight A's," said Taylor. "[I am a] straight A student, honor roll, Geography Bee. I'm a point guard and I'm a playmaker. That's what they call me. I'm learning the jump shot, some handles, court vision."

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