U.S. and Mexico Agree on cross-border trucking

FRESNO, California

The first phase of changes will take effect in 10 days from now, when tariffs on American products will be cut in half, and then eventually eliminated.

A Valley trucking company owner said while this will open doors to economic opportunity he wants to see the plan in action before his drivers cross the border.

Trucks from Mexico will be allowed to bring goods across U.S. borders, but they will have to follow strict federal safety standards.

Government officials are hoping this will help increase American exports.

Keith Nilmeier owns a trucking company in Fresno County, right now his small group of big rigs usually drives down to the U.S.-Mexico border to bring Mexican produce to cities around California.

Nilmeier told Action News he does not want to risk taking his rigs, which run nearly $200,000 each, into a country that usually makes headlines for its criminal activity.

"Once we cross that line some of the rules are much different and some of the way things are done are much different," Nilmeier said. "I'm apprehensive to take that chance going down there."

Congressman Jim Costa of Fresno told Action News this new agreement will create an economic boost, as well as safe and secure long-haul trucking.

"We have seen important markets in Mexico that have been dramatically cut back over the last year, and we're going to see those markets open up again," Costa said. "That's not only going to be good for the Valley but for jobs throughout the state." Under the agreement, trucks entering the U.S. from Mexico will be electronically monitored.

Drivers will have to pass tests on how well they understand the rules of the road in America. The Mexican government can also impose the same rules for American drivers entering their country.

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