Giant burrito claims three more victims

FRESNO, Calif.

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So far, the burrito has won every time.

Three big eaters -- Josh, Adam, and Russ -- braved the unbeatable burrito. Confident, they attacked El Tortillon, a 30-inch monster. The monster burrito is the creation of owner Jaime Hernandez to celebrate his restaurant's tenth anniversary.

"So I gotta have something bigger -- see if they can try it, see if they can do it. That's when it became the 30-inch Tortillon. They tried it. Everybody so far has failed," said Hernandez.

The Tortillon is made with four tortillas filled with beans, rice, carne asada and veggies and is topped with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and french fries.

The eaters swapped strategies and trash talk.

"Just eat. Try to stretch your stomach out before. This thing is no joke right here," said Tortillon challenger Josh.

"A lot of prayers, a lot of fasting. And uh just going hard," said challenger Russ.

Soon the smiles faded as their stomachs filled, and they realized they would soon be joining the wall of shame.

"It's definitely a wake-up call when you get here and see mission impossible in front of you. I really thought I was gonna come and get it, man, there's no way," said Tortillon challenger Adam.

A failure to finish means you pay $30.

Once again the burrito won. The score remains: Man, 0 -- El Tortillon, 13.

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