Improving healthcare in Dinuba

DINUBA, Calif.

Officials with the city of Dinuba and Adventist Health ceremonially shoveled dirt to mark the start of construction on a project aimed at improving healthcare options for Dinuba residents.

Designs for the Adventist Medical Plaza were also unveiled showing how this new clinic will look and function unlike other clinics in the Central Valley.

"This is kind of a different concept," said Ed Goodman. "A new style of facility that would focus on creating patient and employee experiences that improve the human condition."

Ed Goodman with Starizon Studio hopes to work with Adventist health's clinic in Dinuba much the same as they worked with Disney on imagineering -- by creating an experience for people when they walk through a building.

Goodman says he wants to create personalized patient engagement to create an environment of trust, comfort and hope. The new medical complex will have indoor and outdoor gardens, a refresh area, health and wellness coaches, and a special children's area called the "Kid Kave."

Goodman said, "A mini children's theater where videos and learning toys can entertain and educate children about wellness and healthy lifestyles."

The 75-hundred square foot facility will provide medical services Dinuba hasn't seen in ten years, when its hospital closed down.

Wayne Ferch, Adventist Health CEO said, "We recognized Dinuba was underserved medically and needed to have a facility like this with diagnostics and E.T. And urgent care so people didn't have to go to some distant community for care."

Mike Smith, Mayor of Dinuba said, "When you get a facility like this there will be other businesses that will tag onto it and we're hoping that will happen in this general area."

The $4.5 million project is expected to open in 2012.

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