Kings River overflows its banks stranding residents

FRESNO, Calif.

The flooding is happening at the River Bend RV and Mobile Home Park in Fresno County. The property has two small creeks that spill into the Kings River.

The flooding at the mobile home and RV park is a much bigger problem than it was two weeks before when Action News visited there.

Many of the tenants fear for their safety and they're blaming management for the problem. But others don't see it that way.

Emotions ran high between the park manager and some of the tenants at the River Bend Mobile Home Park Friday. The park manager did not want us to show his face. Many are upset at the rising flood waters near their homes in Fresno County. The creeks looked more like rivers.

People like Aida Romero are having to walk through knee deep water in their backyards. She blames management for putting money into the Riverbend RV Campsites rather than protecting her trailer. "He's doing everything for the KOA. That's the campsite in the front. That's the only thing he's fixing because all the campers are coming from back east. And they're paying. But we're paying too."

Kim Williams agrees. "We're drowning here." She's working hard to keep the creek water from getting into her trailer. But she says it's been difficult thus far. "At this point it's so, the soil is so saturated that it's seeping under the ground even you know and coming through so even sandbags at this point I don't know how much good they'll do."

The park manager did not want to talk on camera but other tenants came to his defense Friday. "Unless it's starts flooding over the kings river into the park here, then that's when it becomes an issue," Kevin Fry said.

Fry has lived there 22 years and says the other people living there just don't understand that they live a flood prone area.

Action News was there two weeks ago when the water was considerably lower than it is now. And the bridge that many residents are relying on to escape in case of major flooding is showing some visible cracks in the wood.

Everyone at the mobile home park is hoping government officials will ease the amount of water being released from the Pine-Flat Dam. But that may be tough because it's at 99 percent capacity.

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