Violent offenders are being released from Fresno County Jail

FRESNO, Calif.

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Prosecutors say 19-year-old Erven Aguayo is a gang member who stabbed another man at a Reedley park. But a search of jail records show, he's not the only violent suspect getting out.

Action News was there as Reedley Police re-arrested Aguayo Thursday, nine days after his release from jail. He's charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and prosecutors didn't think he'd be a candidate for early release.

Chris Walsh, Fresno County Deputy District Attorney said, "This is the first one I've personally handled that involved such a serious crime and a crime involving such violence and I was surprised. I was frankly somewhat shocked."

But the Fresno County Sheriff's office says suspects charged with assault with a deadly weapon can get out of jail early, even if they have stabbed someone. As for Aguayo, they say he could be released again, even after Thursday's arrest.

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