Fresno to consider door to door sales ordinance

FRESNO, Calif.

Johnston said, "My wife and I are both somewhat handicapped and they come all kinds, day and night whatever."

Tired of sales calls for everything from magazines to meat, Johnston made his own no soliciting, and no flyers sign. It seems to be working. "I've had it up two or three weeks now and I haven't had a single solicitation."

But Fresno City council Member Lee Brand says too many sales people and others ignore the signs. He's proposing a new city ordinance to force solicitors to stay away from homes with such a sign. "Those people going door to door whether it be a for profit or a nonprofit must respect the no solicitation sign."

Brand also wants to regulate those who may come to your door, sign or not.

Brand explained, "People who go door to door whether they are trying to sell something or trying to solicit contributions, for example a nonprofit trying to sell candy bars to raise money for a band, somebody going door to door trying to sell pizza's, those people must have a business license and display a photo ID identification."

That raised concerns for the local Girl Scouts organization, which still has door to door cookie sales. Regional Girl Scouts CEO Cathy Ferguson says letting strangers know girls names could be dangerous.

Ferguson said, "I think it's a big safety issue for our girls to wear a badge with their names and a photograph of them on it."

Brand says Girl Scouts aren't the problem. He's after annoying sales people and the flyers they leave on doors and porches.

Not all the flyers left on your door come from advertisers. At Mt. Olive Church, Pastor Edward Lee says leaving flyers on the door is an important way to reach the community.

Lee said, "So, we are a community church, in the community to serve the community and that's why we pass out flyers basically four times a year just to invite the neighborhood to come fellowship or to eat with us."

Brand's proposal which includes fines for violators goes before the City Council next week.

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