Madera Community Food Bank closed indefinitely

FRESNO, Calif.

A member of the Board of Directors for the Madera Community Food Bank told Action News over the phone Thursday he's not sure how long the food bank will be closed. But, he said those expecting to get their weekly groceries from the food bank soon will be out of luck.

A white piece of paper reading 'closed until further notice' is the only sign of a shut down at the Madera Community Food Bank. And until the doors were locked and the sign taped up Thursday, hardly anyone knew the food bank was closing.

Action News tracked down Dino Petrucci, who sits on the board for the food bank, he would only confirm the closure, but wouldn't say how long the non-profit will be out of operation or why. He also told Action News it could be as little as two days to more than a week until Madera County residents could begin receiving their food assistance again.

"It's a major let down and an inconvenience," said Madera resident Gloria Brown. She is on a fixed income and also a regular recipient of the food bank. She said a friend called to tell her about the closure Thursday evening.

"I was stunned because I just got a bag last week and I'm expecting to get a bag tomorrow," Brown said. "The food that you get helps you go basically week to week, it carries you through."

Under one of the food bank programs, the one Brown is on; food bank recipients walk away with one bag full of items like bread, pastas and vegetables. Now, Brown is worried that she and other Madera residents, who pay $3.75 at the beginning of the month to receive a bag of food each Friday, will go home empty handed this week.

"I hate to see that happen to not only me, but anyone else, especially the seniors," Brown said.

The Director of the Fresno Community Food Bank said the City of Madera requested the assistance of his food bank. But, because Fresno and Madera food banks operate as separate entities the state must sign off on certain types of cross-county assistance.

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