Horse rescue in Sanger suffers as donations plummet

FRESNO, Calif.

But with fewer donations, and more calls for service, the woman who owns it says right now, she can't take in any more horses. Gina Caglia has always had a passion for horses. "I go to sleep at night, and I feel good. That's what's in it for me."

Nearly four years ago, she started Silverwings Horse Rescue, at this 60-acre ranch just outside Sanger. Since then, Caglia says she's adopted out 38 horses. But over the last several months, adoptions and donations have fallen flat.

"Well, our calls to rescue, our calls for horses in need have at least doubled especially in the last six months they've doubled and our donations have been less this year we've ever experienced." Caglia said. Caglia says the last time someone donated hay was in January.

So, to keep the ranch going, she and her husband claim to spend nearly $2,000 a month to take care of the 16 rescue horses they currently have.

When asked why she keeps doing it, Caglia says, "because we're a rescue and these guys deserve it." Many of the horses who end up there were either abandoned or are extremely malnourished.

Take Cindy for example; when she arrived last month, she was more than 200 pounds underweight. "It's real hard right now to feed our families and these guys kinda fall aside because of that."

While it's been challenging, Caglia says she'll continue providing the best life possible for these animals. She's just hoping someone with the same passion will come forward to help.

"It's heartbreaking, I've never had to tell anybody no before, but this year I have." Caglia says 11 horses are waiting to get into the ranch.

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Gina Caglia

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