Burglars break into Fresno TV shop

FRESNO, Calif.

The owners say the crooks knew what they were looking for, because of where they busted into the building. Large sheets of plywood now cover what used to be a wall of bricks and glass.

Inside the store, glass is shattered on the floor and security bars hang from the broken wall.

"Whenever somebody breaks into your establishment and does the vandalism that it does there, you're never happy about it. Especially the way it's boarded up like this," Scott Ohanian said. Ohanian and his brother Chuck have owned the Palm and Shields service center for 45 years. During that time, they've never experienced anything like this.

The pair received a rude awakening Saturday morning when they found out someone used a pick-up truck to smash into their repair shop, and walk out with several flat screen TV's.

Scott told Action News that he knows a pick up was used because he found the truck abandoned just a few hundred feet from the crime scene, with evidence stuck to the bumper.

"I go 'hey, that's my window sitting there, with all the stickers and everything on there.' and part of the frame was laying in the bed of the pick-up."

The shop typically repairs televisions, so many of the ones you see still sitting here are broken.

Scott says the thieves must have known where to find the working TV's, since the 5 stolen sets are in good condition. A few of the sets were here for repair so several customers are being contacted about the theft. The store's insurance will likely replace the stolen items and busted wall.

"It's the sign of the times, it's the way it is."

The store has several security cameras. But a technical problem caused them to malfunction and Saturday morning's break in was not recorded.

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