Statement from Ramina Badal's family

"We still have hope that they are alive although worldly reasons weigh against us. The three of them are together to glorify the power of our redeemer through the father, son and holy spirit. We must have hope for as it is said in Mark 10:27 with God all things are possible. Our family asks that everyone out there please pray for us all as well as the search and rescue team and do not worry, doubt or fear. God has a most perfect plan that will be revealed to us when He wills it. On behalf of our family, we will be putting together a public Facebook for Ramina Badal. It will be a place where we can keep in touch with everyone while maintaining our privacy. It will host photos that we would like to share as well as updated family status and thoughts. It will allow for friends and family to share their positive thoughts with us in our time of need.

God bless.

-Badal Family"

Ramina Badal's Facebook page

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