Concert dedicated to missing Yosemite hikers

FRESNO, Calif.

A concert, which had been in the works for months, was dedicated to the missing hikers Saturday.

In light of the tragedy at Vernal Fall this week, the headlining performer, Darioush, decided to hold a moment of silence and prayer for the three people who are now presumed dead in Yosemite.

Hundreds of people, from all over the Valley, gathered in Denair Saturday evening, they all paused to remember three young lives lost this week at Vernal Fall in Yosemite National Park.

"We are very glad that they did because it was a loss for, not only the parents, but the whole community," said Forouz Radnejed of Fresno.

Action News was only allowed inside the concert hall during the set up for the show. Organizers were planning on hosting about a thousand people for the event.

"The [headline] singer was very very sad to find out about the tragedy that occurred as Yosemite National Park," said Maryann David, an administrator at Larsa Banquet Hall.

Three chairs were set aside, as a physical sign of remembrance for the missing hikers. 21-year-old Ramina Badal, 27-year-old Ninos Yacoub and 22-year-old Hormiz David are all presumed dead after they fell about three hundred feet over Vernal Fall Tuesday afternoon.

"We're praying and keeping our faith in hopes that we will have good news," David said.

Search teams in the park have spent each day looking for the three North Valley residents' bodies. The teams are only walking the banks of the Merced River because the current is far too swift for divers to enter the water.

"We're all praying that these three youngsters will be found," David added.

Praying is just about all this close knit Assyrian community can do at this point. "It always hurts us, it is a loss that touches everyone's heart," Radnejed said.

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