Smoky Fairfield plastics plant fire burns for hours


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The fire began around 1:15 p.m. at Macro Plastics on Huntington Drive. It was contained by 4:15 p.m. At one point, six alarms were called and all of the engines from Fairfield Fire Department were on scene, as were 100 firefighters from Fairfield and surrounding areas. Although the fire burned for hours, the blaze was mainly focused on a storage yard and no buildings were damaged.

The Fairfield Fire Marshal Morgana Yahnke says the fire began while plant employees were using "open flame devices" in the yard.

The fire put off a large amount of black smoke that could be seen for miles and reached 9,000 feet into the air. A neighboring business reported that at the fire's peak, flames were shooting 50 feet into the air.

Businesses in the area were evacuated and a shelter in place advisory was issued for residents living within a one mile radius of the fire. Solano County Environmental Health Services advised residents to stay inside and close all windows and doors. The county is performing soil and air quality tests due to environmental concerns following the fire.

Three firefighters sustained minor injuries, but none that required hospitalization.

Macro Plastics makes bins for agricultural companies. The fire burned about five acres of the property.

One-half mile southwest of the fire, residents in the Dover Mobile Home Park received reverse 911 calls, telling them to stay inside. The mobile home park closed its pool due to debris from the fire, believed to be mostly burnt grass, falling from the smoke plume.

KGO-TV SAN FRANCISCO, CA contributed to this report.

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