Reaction to the release of Rebecca Kerr

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Rebecca Kerr*/, 35, walked out of jail Wednesday evening. The Fresno County District Attorney said Kerr acted in self-defense when she stabbed 32-year-old /*Michael Grimaldo*/ in May.

In a statement to Action News Grimaldo's family claimed the D.A.'s office is allowing a murderer to walk free.

Two months ago, Kerr used a kitchen knife to stab her live-in boyfriend, Grimaldo.

Kerr claims Grimaldo threatened to take her life moments before she stabbed him.

Grimaldo had a history of violence which included a battery conviction last year.

The Grimaldo family wrote the following to Action News: "This blow hit our family hard and goes to show that the Fresno County District Attorney has let a murderer roam the streets of Fresno freely. The actions of the D.A. show that if you have any criminal past and someone kills you they will walk free."

The D.A.'s office declined to comment on this statement. They did tell Action News an unusual second interview with Kerr, detectives and the D.A.'s office led to the dropped charges.

Kerr's attorney said he rarely allows his clients to be interviewed a second time. "I was very very confident that she had expressed to me all of the correct elements of the defense," said Glenn LoStracco. "She did express those things originally in her first interview, although she didn't articulate it very well."

Kerr has lost the home she and Grimaldo were living in, according to her attorney. Her employer told Action News there's a chance she could get her job back, however.

Also, the Grimaldo family claims it has handed over incriminating text messages to the D.A.'s office written by Kerr in hopes that charges will be re-filed.

Since Kerr was never tried for the murder charges, the D.A. could re-file.

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