Dog dies from cage dryer at PETCO, lawsuit filed

FRESNO, California

/*Teresa Gilland*/ took her Lhasa Apso "Sadie" to be groomed at a /*PETCO*/ in /*Fair Oaks*/ in 2008. She says Sadie was placed in a cage drier -- an enclosed kennel used to dry off dogs after a bath. Sadie became ill while in the dryer. When Teresa rushed her to a vet, it was too late to save her.

The vet report shows the dog had internal burn injuries and bleeding caused by heat. Now, Teresa is suing the company and demanding that cage driers be banned from all grooming salons.

"It's nothing you can see, it's not out there for the public to see," said Gilland. "It's an enclosed kennel and they blow hot air in there.

PETCO issued a response to Teresa's claims, saying the company is very sad for the loss of the dog.

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