Car repair vouchers given to clean up Valley air

FRESNO, Calif. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



The Valley Air Pollution Control District and Valley Clean Air Now teamed up to hold a Tune In and Tune Up event at the Madera District Fairgrounds Saturday.

There, drivers lined up for a free emissions test and if their vehicles didn't pass they got a vouchers worth up to $500 to repair their vehicles.

The goal is to clean up the Valley's air by fixing dirty cars.

"We have a very low percentage of people passing, which is a good thing because we're targeting basically vehicles that are dirty. So we have a rate of 70/75 percentage of vehicles that fail and we get to issue those vouchers for the repairs," Jose Marin said.

"I can't afford to fix it without that $500. It's a lot of money," Jonathan Quintero said.

Funding for the Tune In and Tune Up events comes from California's "Vrrrm program" and a gasoline settlment.

The next Tune In and Tune Up event will be held in Fresno on August 20th at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

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