Man pulls two out of burning truck; evacuates apartment

FRESNO, Calif.

The incident happened just after 9:00 a.m. on /*Clovis Avenue*/ -- just south of /*Kings Canyon*/. Police say the driver was on fire when he lost control of his truck and crashed into a condominium.

Many of Herculano Tucay's friends already refer to him as Hercules. It's a fitting name for a real life hero. It took all of his strength to rescue a man who was seconds from dying in his burning truck.

Witnesses couldn't believe what they were seeing moments before the white Ford truck slammed into a duplex.

"The vehicle exploded while it was traveling."

Herculano Tucay just wrapped up a 24 hour shift as an emergency medical technician and was still in his uniform when he hopped out of his car and rushed to help.

"The driver was still on fire, his shirt was on fire," said Tucay. I removed his shirt, rendered first aid. Went back evacuated the apartments, came back, assisted the patient again until ems arrived."

Firefighters say Tucay's fast action saved the man's life. Even though the unidentified driver was pulled out right after the crash, he suffered serious burns over close to thirty percent of his body.

Firefighters say the truck slammed into the building caused a major jolt and ignited another fire.

Rich Cabral said, "In fact, it was with explosive force that the driver lost control of this vehicle and ran into this condominium here on Clovis Avenue near Park Circle."

The fire caused mainly exterior and electrical damage to the condo.

Tucay says he prioritized what to address first and didn't think twice about stopping to help. "We have a duty to act and not only that but we have a moral obligation and we are expected to perform our duties whether we are on or off duty or not."

Tucay said the driver was conscious but screaming in pain and to extinguish the flames he rolled him in wet grass. The driver's son was also in the truck in the passenger's seat. He suffered smoke inhalation but is expected to be ok

Two people inside the condo were not injured during the crash.

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