Fresno Police search for suspect in deadly crash

FRESNO, Calif.

The crash happened in front of the Tanager Springs Apartments on Maple near Dwight.

Police say the driver of a blue compact car pulled out of the apartment complex and was hit by a larger white car. The impact was violent enough to send both cars spinning.

The driver of the blue car was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses told Police the driver of the white car also appeared injured, but refused to stay at the scene until Police arrived.

"They were advising him to stay. Our witness who saw the collision also advised him to stay but he walked away westbound, talking on his cell phone. Evidently he was calling other family and friends to come pick him up. And we're tracking him down as we speak," said Richard De Jong with the Fresno Police Department.

Fresno Police say the suspect had open containers of beer in his vehicle, but fault hasn't been determined.

Family members of the victim told Police today was his birthday.

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