8/2/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

California farmers are worried a pesky bug may create serious quarantine risks for ther crops.

They say the Mediterranean Fruit Fly is a serious threat to crops since the insect lays eggs in mature, market-ready fruits and vegetables.

Ag experts say contingency plans are needed to allow the production and sale of california fruits and vegitables so farmers can economically survive.


Registration is now open for this year's Almond Conference in the North Valley. The conference is taking place December 6 through Decemeber 8 in Modesto at the Modesto Centre Plaza.

The theme for the 39th Annual Conference is "Growing Advantage" which is a reflection of the continued growth of the almond crop.

Symposiums will focus on scientific studies designed to keep almonds as the crop of choice and nut of choice.



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