Teenager from the Central Valley lands a record deal

FRESNO, California

That was just the start of her success as a recording artist, you could soon hear on the radio.

/*Stacey Cacal*/ practices the song she hopes will launch her music career.

The 16-year-old is spending precious time this summer at her Clovis home, since she spends at least three days a week in Los Angeles, recording her debut album with Billboard Award winning producer, /*Andrew Lane*/. He produced the High School Musical soundtrack and has worked with artists like Keith Sweat and TLC.

Stacey's dreams started when she was just a little girl, singing to karaoke records in her living room.

"They'd buy karaoke from the Philippines and I would just sing for hours and hours."

All those hours of practice along with singing lessons, turned into talent show performances, where she would wow the crowd.

"I take a deep breath and I just imagine nobody in the room and look straight forward and hope they like it and sing my heart out."

Then this year, her big break came while she was standing in line to audition for a network talent show in Southern California.

"This random guy just came up to me and he was like, can you sing for me? And I said, sure, this is what I'm here for!"

That "random guy" was /*Nathaniel Levingston*/ Fresno-based owner of /*I Manage Stars Talent Group*/.

"I just pulled her right out of the line and she sang for me right on the spot and I mean, phenomenal."

Levingston searches for talent in the Valley, filling a need for hopeful artists to get their start, here at home.

"No label exists in the /*Central Valley*/ so how are these kids, this young talent going to get their music to a bigger place?"

While Stacey's not recording, she spends as much time at home as possible with her close knit family.

Work for Stacey has just begun, on what she hopes is a long and successful career.

Stacey will miss her friends at /*Central High School*/ in /*Northwest Fresno*/ when the new school year starts, because she'll probably have to be home-schooled, while working on her music.

Her debut album is set to be released early next year. You might also soon see her in a reality show that's being created by her manager.

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