Woman killed outside her Porterville home

FRESNO, Calif.

Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies say 48-year-old Emigdio Ojeda shot his ex-wife before barricading himself inside his own home just blocks away on Henderson and Woods.

Flor Ojeda's neighbors are saddened by Tuesday's shooting. They described her as a loving mother who was taking care of her son and nephew by herself.

Tuesday's stand off ended at the suspect's home in Porterville. /*Tulare County*/ Sheriff's Deputies say a Police SWAT team successfully took 48-year-old Emigdio Ojeda into custody after he had locked himself inside his home for half an hour. During that time officers evacuated dozens of neighbors from their homes.

"Porterville PD came to the door and he says, you need to be evacuated immediately. You've got five minutes. And I said I don't like the sun I get really sick when I get under the sun. He goes, you've got five minutes," said neighbor Norman Grimsely.

Investigators believe Emigdio drove his blue truck to his ex-wife's home which is located just up the street from his home. That's when they say he shot Flor Ojeda in front of her porch around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Medics rushed her to the hospital but it was too late. Flor died before she got there.

Stephen Edwards lives across the street from Flor. He says he spoke with the 48-year-old single mother that morning. "This morning I saw and I said Flor how are you doing? She said fine you know."

Edwards says Flor and Emigdio went through a divorce five months ago and he recalls a conversation he had with the suspect right after the two separated.

"He was just saying we're separated. I'm going to therapy. We're going to work things out. I said fine. I hope everything works out. And then I haven't seen him for about a month," said Edwards.

Grocery items could be seen scattered on the front yard grass as detectives spent hours taking pictures and collecting evidence inside and outside Flor's home.

"She seemed like a really a nice human being and I'm going to miss her. Every time I look over there and see she's not there. It's just sad," said Edwards.

Emigdio Ojeda was taken to the Tulare County Jail late Tuesday night. He could face murder charges because Sheriff's Deputies are investigating Flor's death as a homicide.

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