Fresno man shot trying to stop robbery suspect

FRESNO, Calif.

A neighbor tells Action News Juanito Avizio answered a local street vendor's call for help.

"Hey, come over here this guy just robbed me, he goes, let's go get him."

Luis Rocha was outside in his driveway when the vendor called to Avizio and he saw what happened next.

"They caught up with him right in the middle of the street, and that's when he pulled out the gun, fired once in the air, and then the other man Juanito he was gonna get ready to tackle him, I could see it from here and then he shot him."

Juanito was shot just below the chest. He managed to walk back to his house before collapsing on the lawn. Rocha says police arrived in less than a minute but the gunman had disappeared.

"I hear shootings all the time, but this was shocking because it happened right here."

The street vendor, who neighbors know as "the corn man" was not hurt. Family members say Juanito Avizio is in critical but stable condition at Community Regional Medical Center. They say the bullet caused damage to internal organs and hit his spine.

Fresno Police are looking for a suspect but have not provided a possible description.

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