8/4/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

California farmers are expecting peach crops full of flavor this year.

Farmers say Firestone peaches benefited from favorable weather during blooming season. They say their crop will be about the same size as last year.

That makes California farmers the exception. A government forecast predicts smaller peach crops elsewhere. States including South Carolina and Georgia saw crops damaged by violent weather.

Ag experts say California farmers produce 72-percent of the nation's peaches.

A Texas man has invented a machine that makes water out of air. He hopes it will catch the eye of farmers nationwide.

Terry Lebleu invented and patented his machine called "The Drought Master." Depending on humidity, the machine can make between five to seven gallons of pure water in a day.

Lebleu says it makes a gallon of water for only 4 cents in electrical charges. An independent lab took samples the water and found it had no bacteria and is free of metals.

Even Texas Governor Rick Perry owns an indoor version of the machine.

Leblue says he wants his invention to benefit local farmers and ranchers. "It is good emergency water. Lets say the power goes out of whatever. Once this thing fills up, it cuts off. It has a bubbler inside that keeps the water moving all the time."

The machine is quieter than a refrigerator and you only have to wash the filter every few years.

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