Should Fresno Unified ban flavored milk from the menu?

FRESNO, Calif.

When it comes to serving your child regular milk versus strawberry or chocolate, some parents say the choice is easy.

Jody Brar said, "I think regular milk, two-percent is the best for kids cause it gives them all the vitamins and not all the fat."

Others feel it makes no difference at all.

Malessa De Leon said, "Either way, they're still getting the same nutrition from the milk, whether it's chocolate or regular."

This group of parents and medical professionals has designed a campaign to ban flavored milk in all Fresno Unified schools.

They already collected nearly one-thousand signatures -- and plan to make a presentation to school board officials at their meeting Wednesday night.

Dr. Tienchin Ho said, "The school district is always trying to improve the meals that they serve to improve the nutritional quality and this is just one step in many."

Fresno Unified students are served milk in eight ounce cartons. Some parents say their concern is sugar content. Fat free chocolate milk has 27 grams of sugar, whereas low fat milk has 16.

Jose Alvarado said, "We're required to follow the USDA requirements for calories and nutrients."

Alvarado is Fresno Unified's Food Services Director. He says the district is always making menu changes. For example, strawberry milk will no longer be offered because it's not popular among students. As for banning chocolate -- that's on the menu, for now.

Alvarado said, "We want to hear what our parents have to say and what our students have to say, so when school begins, we're going to be doing some feedback, getting some feedback and input from our parents, our customers to evaluate the flavored milk options."

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