Driver ran stop sign in fatal crash near Porterville


Deshawn Anthony Moore and Ingrid Coronel lost their lives when the van they were riding in smashed into another vehicle in Tulare County. The CHP says the driver of the other truck ran a stop sign.

Family and friends commonly refer to Deshawn as Anthony or "BrownBread." They're devastated by his death and describe him as a talented music artist who also was also a TV news junkie.

Some of Anthony Moore's closest friends gathered outside of his house Thursday. Many of them are still struggling to deal with his untimely death.

"Pretty much unreal. Can't really grasp onto it. I feel like I'm going to wake up in the morning and everything is going to be cool but it's just like a bad dream. But in all reality it's not. It's real." said friend Chris Tenbrook.

Moore was riding in a Tulare County Probation van with seven other people Tuesday. The van crashed into another truck just outside of Porterville.

The impact from the crash ejected several passengers from the van including Moore. The 15-year-old and 17-year-old Ingrid Coronel died at the scene. The driver of the truck also died.

The California Highway patrol says 37-year-old Juan Reyes was speeding and ran a stop sign before the crash.

Moore's step father Ricky Pezzi says Anthony was an individual who put everyone before himself.

"Outgoing personality. He loved everybody. He always watched CNN. He knew everything that was going on in the news. And always watching the Discovery Channel." said Pezzi.

Pezzi says Anthony also spent countless hours in his room playing music. Moore aspired to be a famous DJ one day and he loved various genres of Electronica music. His friend Adam Patterson even said Anthony made a song just for him when he was going through a tough time.

"I've had him, like I'll be sad and before I knew it he made me a song to make me happier. And it would be titled my name and I didn't even know he was making it." said Patterson.

"I'd say that he had made his own genre almost. It just because of how talented he was and just the stuff that that was just running through his mind that he couldn't tell you, so he had to show you through his music." added Tenbrook.

Memorial services for Deshawn Anthony Moore will take place this Saturday at the New Life Center Church in Porterville at 10AM.

The family does have questions surrounding the crash and have retained a lawyer regarding a possible lawsuit. But nothing has been filed.

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