Thrift stores help keep back to school costs low

FRESNO, Calif.

Parents do often buy school supplies at the big box stores. On Saturday, Action News found many parents trying to save their money by searching thrift stores racks. One mom even bought several pairs of shorts and a backpack for $15.

Jessica Gardeazabal spent the day looking to find quality clothes for her daughters to wear this upcoming school year. But one mom of five says she just can't afford the department store prices. So, she's taking some time to leaf through the racks at the Neighborhood Thrift store in the Tower District.

"I found a pair of shorts here for my daughter for school. She's going back to school so you know what, if it's a good deal I'm going to get it," Gardeazabal said.

"I think it's the economy, the way it's going, we're seeing a really large amount of shoppers in here," said Angie Martinez, assistant manager at Neighborhood Thrift.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store in north Fresno was also crowded with shoppers Saturday.

Jennie Carrillo is bargain hunting for her six grandkids. "It's a lot cheaper than going to a regular store," she said.

More work, Carrillo said, may be needed to find the right pairs of shoes or the right shirt. But some parents said it's not about the work as much as the bargain.

There is good news. People are still spending according to the National Retail Federation. Consumer spending was up slightly in July. And an NRF survey shows more than $22 billion will be spent this year during the back to school season.

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