Beach Party Clean-up in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Standing at nearly 45 feet high, it took crews several hours to tackle the world's largest inflatable water slide down to the ground. While taking it apart may have been the biggest challenge, workers say removing the 700 tons of sand from the roadway came in at close second.

"Do you know how many tractors and pieces of equipment you have out here? Dave has a couple of skip loaders, has a grader, a blower, street sweeper, water truck, a couple of bobcats and lifts. So quite a bit of equipment," said Club One Casino Facilities Manager Ken Gibbs, "What they'll do is take the sand back, re-wash it and take it back to the quarry."

Dave Knott Construction hauled in the sand and freed up the equipment to bring it all back. By 5 a.m. Monday morning the ocean side oasis in Downtown Fresno was washed away.

"I'm just happy to be a part of history right here because this is something Fresno really needed," said Steve Williams of Fresno.

"It was great for everyone that came. The City of Fresno was great, P.D. was great everyone had a safe event. No one got bit by a shark so we consider it a great trip to the beach," said Club One Casino Owner Kyle Kirkland.

As for Slidezilla, organizers say he'll be back. "Slidezilla isn't going anywhere. We own it so we're just going to contain him for a little bit until it's time to bring him out again."

That time could come sooner rather than later. Club One Casino is hoping to make the Downtown Beach Party an annual event. This year it had 5,000 visitors and it's hoping to multiply that number by 10 sometime within the next 5 to 10 years.

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