Valley teens feeding the hungry

FRESNO, Calif.

We met up with them a lunch time on the first day of school at /*San Joaquin Memorial High*/ in the cafeteria. But these three seniors didn't have their minds on their next meal but rather on those who don't know where that meal will come from.

Chris Schmid explained, "I just wanted to help the families who need food around fresno, just trying to help, help people out just trying to give back."

Loic Ferdinandi told us he knew about the mission of /*Catholic Charities*/ in Fresno and together they founded 'Starving Hunger' a plan to feed those in need, "We had heard about Catholic Charities and how they were kind of struggling with their food and supplies and donations in general so we were hoping we could revitalize, like a movement."

Over the summer they worked to raise seed money to pay for donation bins, plan for picking them up and landed forty locations to put them, including twenty three 'Me and Ed' pizza parlors, a half dozen Fresh and Easy stores and more. They want the public to donate their own or purchased canned foods to fill those bins. Elizabeth Fisher says, "The least you can do is take those (cans from your kitchen) and do something good with them. and put 'em in the bin. And there are plenty of bins you can go to."

Those who fill the needs of those who turn to the Catholic Charities food agency welcome these young new comers and their willingness volunteer. Operations manager, Jody Hudson told us, "I was just blown away that they wanted to make a significant contribution. it wasn't about going to Disneyland, kicking back enjoying the summer, they wanted to make a difference in their community."

The summer break gave them time to organize, strategize and line up their support. Now all they need now are folks with like minds to find a 'Starving Hunger" bin and fill it with non-perishable foods of all kinds.

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