Concerns among Sanger Seniors after Murder of Man, 100

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Joe Fischer*/ died Thursday night, just days after Sanger Police say someone attacked him inside his apartment. Police have not made any arrests.

Tuesday morning, more than 50 Seniors from the area, gathered at the apartment complex where Fischer was attacked on August 8th.

Police believe Fischer may have let someone into his apartment.

During a nearly two hour meeting, police urged people to take basic safety precautions, and call 9-1-1 if they see anything suspicious.

More than a week after Sanger Police say 100-year-old Joe Fischer was attacked inside his apartment, family members, including his only son, are still in disbelief.

Joe Fischer Jr., victim's son said, "Well, it's been real traumatic of course and it's very unexpected as you might guess, and we're just handling it day by day."

Alyce Holland, victim's sister said, "I hope they come forward and let us know. We'd like to know who did it."

Fischer's death has sparked both outrage and for many Seniors who live in the area, a sense of fear.

Mary Soto, caregiver said, "And before, we did used to leave the door open, cause we know so many, everyone visits her. Now, we don't."

Sanger Police say three detectives are working full-time on the case, and over the past week, they've received between twenty and thirty tips.

Detectives believe only one person is responsible for the crime. Beyond that, they haven't been able to figure out if Fischer was a random victim, or if he was targeted.

"That's our prime focus," said Corporal Brandon Coles. "There's no other investigations we're working. This is what we're doing."

Easing people's concerns is also at the top of their list.

Sanger Police, Adult Protective Services, and a security company all gave presentations during a meeting held at Fischer's apartment complex. Seniors who attended left with a bag full of safety pamphlets and other helpful tips.

"Keep your door locked," said Jane Crump. "Don't answer it, especially late at night."

Fischer's family says they're glad Seniors are paying close attention to this case -- one they never imagined they'd be part of.

Joe Fischer Jr. said, "The few times I've been over here, I've never suspected that there would be an issue like what we're dealing with right now."

Family members are still in the process of planning a memorial service for some time next week.

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