Mommies on a Mission to save a baby girl

FRESNO, Calif.

"I want to see her grow up," said Lauryn's mom Casey Cox. "I want to see her be strong and play sports and dance."

At three months old, /*Lauryn Cox*/ was diagnosed with Infant A-L-L, a rare form of leukemia that affects children under 12 months.

"It's a particularly aggressive type of leukemia, needing aggressive treatment and it doesn't always respond the best to chemotherapy," said Oncologist /*Faisal Razzaqi*/.

Little Lauryn initially responded well to treatment, the chemotherapy was hard on her tiny body but the cancer was soon in remission. But two weeks ago, the worse possible news -- Lauryn had relapsed.

Casey said, "It was worse hearing it the second time -- and the only reason why was because her chances for survival were cut in half."

Her only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. A group called Mommies on a Mission has organized a blood drive and bone marrow testing on August 29th -- hoping to find a match for Lauryn.

"Knowing Casey personally and me being a mommy it really touched me," said Lacey Reveles from Mommies on a Mission. "So I called my girls at Mommies on a mission and asked if they would be willing to help and everyone was totally, totally all for it.

/*Casey Cox*/ is grateful for the support of family and friends as her baby fights for her life... now, she's hoping strangers will also be moved to help. "You never know, you could find out tomorrow it's your brother, your sister your mom or your dad-- and realize than joining this registry it's not just saving one life, it's saving many lives."

The blood and bone marrow drive is Monday, August 29th from 8-6:30 pm... at the /*Visalia Donor Center*/ and /*North Fresno Donor Center*/.

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