Neighbors want justice for Joe

FRESNO, Calif.

Fischer was attacked last week in his apartment and later died in the hospital. Mourners gathered for a vigil to remember Joe Fischer Wednesday evening outside his home.

Joe's only child lives in southern California, but he has been in the valley for a week dealing with the loss of his father. "I realize he was a hundred years old, but every moment is a moment to cherish," Joe Fischer, Jr said.

"He was a very happy, social man," said Rosie Tellez. "He loved everybody, he loved to dance." Tellez said she didn't know Joe very well. But, for her, each day since Joe's passing has been painful.

Other neighbors, like Tony Pacheco had never met Joe. But, Tony said this is his community and he wants justice for Joe. "We will find this guy, whoever did this, or they are," Pacheco said.

City and county officials showed up to mourn alongside neighbors. "This is exactly the way communities are supposed to act when you have something horrible happen to one of your own," said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

"To pick on someone of that age, it didn't require much I'm sure of it, but how guilty they should feel for what they have done," said Sanger Mayor Joshua Mitchell.

People who live in this small Sanger community say things will be different here from now on. "I never used to sleep with the light on, and now every time I go to sleep I put my light on and I check my two doors," said neighbor Ruth Fino. "We're all looking out each other now. I think we're being more united and we care about each other. I think it's going to be a better place because of him," Tellez said.

Official funeral service plans were also announced. The ceremony is open to the public and will be held August 26 at 5:30pm. The service will be held at the Eagles Lodge in Sanger.

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