Money-saving women's razors

There were two from Schick, as well as two Gillette Venus razors plus a store-brand razor from CVS. They cost $5 to $13—not all that much.

But it's important to factor in the cost of the replacement heads. The replacement shaving heads for the Gillette Venus Embrace cost more than $3. The store-brand replacement shaving heads cost only 83 cents each.

To ensure a clean shave with no nicks, a blade should be changed frequently, so that cost can really add up.

To test, the panelists used each razor twice, replacing the shaving head between uses. No one razor stood out. It turns out that it's all about personal preference. So ShopSmart's advice is to do your own test at home, and start with the cheapest razor.

If you find a store-brand razor you like, you can save as much as $100 in the course of the year. That's one way to make your money go further!

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