8/22/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Researchers are studying how to increase canola production here in the U.S. Most of America's canola crop is grown in North Dakota, but the nation still imports much of it supply from Canada.

The U.S. Canola association, estimates farmers could grow canola on four to five million acres from the Carolinas to the great plains. Farmers general get about the same price for canola as they do for soybeans.

After record production a year ago, California olive trees have taken a rest this season,

The olive crop will be 65 percent smaller than last year. Government crop forecasters say farmers expected a smaller crop after the record 2010 crop stressed many olive orchards. But poor weather during the bloom period also hurt the crop.

Nearly 60 percent of California olives go into oil, with the remaining 40 percent being canned as table olives.

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