8/19/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The Federal Department of Transportation said earlier this year it was looking at whether farmers should follow the same kind of regulations as long-haul truckers. But department officials decided they won't move forward with the idea.

Dozens of members of congress from farm states in the Midwest and West asked to drop the issue. Farmers complained it would have cost them time and money and would make it harder to find help.

A new apple could soon be causing a stir in some parts of the Midwest.

The "Sweet Tango" apple is being grown in Western Michigan. The sweet, slightly tart, apple was created at the University Of Minnesota. It's a cross between the "Honeycrisp" and an apple called "Zestar".

Not every farmer can grow the "Sweet Tango" apple. Growers have to pay to be part of a grower's cooperative. They also have to give a portion of the profits from the fruit back to the University Of Minnesota.

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