Pastor of church geared toward bikers remembered

FRESNO, Calif.

Pastor Eug Breinig founded a church in Merced geared toward bikers. The church began more than four years ago and has since then grown to more than 300 members.

Pastor Breinig chose the name of his church as a joke at first. It's called "This Ain't Your Mama's Church." Friends said Pastor Breinig was known for using humor to preach Christianity.

"He would always open up his word with a joke, somehow he would tie in his messages with a joke," said Perry Fernandez, Jr. "He had a way of letting the Holy Spirit guide him."

"He taught the word of God in a way we could understand it," said Johnny Absher, who has been a member of the church for four years.

Absher said he and Pastor Breinig both come from rough backgrounds, as does much of the biker congregation. "This guy's heart was for lost people of any walk of life, no matter who they were," Absher said.

Pastor Breinig founded the church so he could preach to bikers, a group of people he said are often judged for their clothes and tattoos.

Saturday, more than 600 people packed the Christian Life Center in Merced. Some shed tears, many laughed, but everyone felt the loss of a pastor with a rugged exterior, who had a heart for Christ.

"As Christians we know that the ultimate healing that Eug got was to be with God in heaven," said Absher.

Pastor Breinig was diagnosed with cancer in April. He leaves behind his wife of 29 years, Gwen and five children. He was 64 years old.

A benefit poker run is being held next Saturday to help the pastor's family pay for medical expenses. The event starts at 9:30 in the morning at the Family Life Center in Merced.


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