The Knit Addiction and Operation Gratitude

FRESNO, Calif.

At the Clovis library those who enjoy and are good at knitting are making gifts for those less fortunate to distribute during the holidays. Others knitters are creating warmth for those a little farther away: American troops serving in Afghanistan.

Micheline Plummer Golden is one of those, "Although we think of as being really hot places, many of our troops are places that get very cold in their winter time."

The wooly warm gifts she and others are knitting are distributed in care packages sent routinely to troops by 'Operation Gratitude'. Many in the knitting community have embraced the idea including knitting. Like Linda Okada they are knitting helmet liners or simple neck scarves, "It's such a nice cause and it'll be such a nice thing for people to be able to contribute." Her twenty-two year old nephew just returned from Afghanistan where winters can be brutal, "He's back here for a while. He may go on another deployment."

There are a lot of loved ones over there. Including the soldier who sent a note of thanks explaining, how these guys were helped during long exposure in the cold. Some even find their way to Afghan children.

In an email to Action News the same soldier was full of gratitude and this message: "A sincere thank you to the knitting for troop's org and the people who have not forgotten that this country is still at war."

No they're not forgotten in this corner of California says Micheline, "I grabbed the pattern and put it out there and my knitters have been very happy with it."

This isn't the only knitting shop where you'll find information about Knitting for Troops there are locations all over Central California. Check out these to websites:

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