8/24/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Apple scab forms ugly pockmarks on the fruit's skin, making it unfit for grocery stores because people are picky about unsightly fruit. Growers say just one lesion can reduce an apple's value by 85 percent.

New research shows apple scab is now resisting entire classes of chemical treatments. Growers and extension agents say apple scab appears to be getting worse in some parts of the upper Midwest and Northeast.

The garbanzo bean harvest is now underway after being delayed for nearly a month.

The California Dry Bean Board says the quality of beans harvested so far has been good. The board says the harvest is bigger than expected.

Farmers planted fewer acres of garbanzo beans this year. Rains during the planting season caused some farmers to change plans and grow other crops.

Garbanzos are among the six main varieties of dry beans grown in California.

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