Central Fresno stabbing death likely justifiable homicide

FRESNO, Calif.

The dispute happened on the same day a domestic violence incident in the North Valley ended with the deaths of two people. Merced County Sheriff's Investigators say a 22 year old man shot and killed a woman yesterday and then drove to Fresno and took his own life.

Justin Red, a spokesperson for the Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno, said the need for emergency shelter and other services remains as high as ever. "Victims are staying in our shelter longer than ever, about 60 days on average. That's up a full month from where it was five years ago," said Red.

Fresno Police said the number of domestic violence incidents tends to go up in the summer months. For example, from January through March of this year, they reported 487 felony cases, which include aggravated assault, rape, and homicide. From May through July, that number went up to 547. Police believe that rise in the summer months could be attributed in part to alcohol.

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