Hanford is closer to recalling their mayor


Recall supporters are blaming Hanford Mayor Dan Chin for abusing his power and overspending. The mayor denied those allegations.

Hanford Mayor Dan Chin submitted his official answer to a petition signed by two-dozen residents who have filed an intent to recall him.

Chin is serving his fourth term as mayor and 11th year on city council. He hopes the effort to take him out of office doesn't split the community.

"I'm really uh saddened by it I'm disappointed really for the community so my number one concern is how this will affect the people of Hanford."

Many Hanford residents have spent the last year frustrated by Chin's actions. They include increasing the city attorney's budget and paying tens of thousands of dollars for consultants to do work they say could have been done by city staff.

Some recall supporters are frustrated by what they believe is the lack of punishment and oversight of City Manager, Hilary Straus. The city council increased Straus' salary and severance package above the rate of the last city manager. Straus is also facing a lawsuit from other city department heads for making an internal move they say damaged their job security.

Donnie Fagundes, Recall supporter said, "I just think the spending in the city has gotten out of control and I think it's time people start taking it back I mean we put people into office and they forget why they were put into office once they're there."

Donnie Fagundes was one of 24 Hanford residents who signed the initial petition, which also has the backing of the Hanford Police Officers Association.

Fagundes said, "He lives in the same neighborhood I do I don't see nothing getting done around here so you know what -- out."

Mayor Chin denies the allegations, adding he takes taxpayer dollars seriously. To continue the recall, residents must now submit a draft petition, which is then approved by Interim City Clerk Pamela McCarthy. "It could be a lengthy process the only people who can sign the petition are people who are registered voters and live within mayor chin's district."

Recall supporters need 1100 signatures from registered voters in Dan Chin's district. They can start going door to door for those signatures as early as September sixth.

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