Fresno State Bulldogs aim to boost ticket sales

FRESNO, Calif.

In three weeks the Bulldogs play their first home game. But Debbie Patterson doesn't think it's too early to buy season tickets.

"I think Fresno has a good following," said Patterson. "It's a lot of fun to be here."

For the last few years Patterson has been the point person who buys tickets for more than 60 of her friends. These days she's buying fewer tickets.

"It has dwindled, I started out with about 60 something people and I am down to 30 something now," said Patterson. "They just don't want to spend the money"

The university says a tough economy has led to a dip in ticket sales. We have lost numbers in the last couple of years.

University officials say ticket sales do tend to pick up about a week before the home opener. But sales have been slower than in years past.

Bulldog stadium seats more than 40 thousand people, but on average they're only filling about 37,000 seats.

"I think they could promote a little better, do a little something on the side before," said Chris Blake. "Tailgate, free BBQ something to pull the pull the fans in."

There are a number of ideas the school is kicking around. Boosting sales by holding kiosks in places like River Park to sell tickets and beefing up their sales department.

Paul Ladwig, Associate Athletic Director said, "In the college world right now outsourcing is becoming a very big topic. A lot of schools are going towards it, schools like Georgia Tech have seen a significant increase their sales."

There's no word whether they will add staff or hire an outside firm.

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