Homes for our Troops

FRESNO, Calif.

Preparations for a house razing are underway on a plot of land in Hanford. I starts on Friday, August 26th through the 28th. On that Friday this 'Army' of sorts will build former /*U.S. Army Sergeant Justin Bond*/ and his family.

While serving in the Iraq war he was gravely injured and lost a leg in battle in Fallujah in 2004. He expects to lose the other leg down the road. Six hours standing up is about all he can handle, "I'm gonna be in a wheelchair soon. I do good right now, morning time, but afternoons and evening times, I'm toast."

He and his high school sweet heart, Laurel, married soon after his grave injuries. Their three children would follow. She says this new handicap accessible home is a God send, "I won't have to worry about Justine falling as he's taking a shower, I won't have to worry when he does have his surgeries because he'll be able to take care of himself and that boosts his self-esteem."

The home they now live in very nice but doesn't offer him that self-reliance or safety. He longs to cook breakfast for his wife from a wheelchair and have a life without falling down, "I'm waiting to do the next surgery when we get into the house. We're putting off surgeries right now until we get into the house."

This proud veteran previously turned down the house from the /*Homes for our Troops*/ organization. He felt more disabled vets should come first. But this year he accepted the eventual loss of his remaining leg and the new home.

Doreen Lewis-Hout of Homes for our Troops told us, "Those who volunteer to build it are the backbone of every house built by "Homes for Our Heroes". She has high praise for those who volunteer, "We meet wonderful people. People come out by the hundreds to help our men and women. There's nothing wrong with the people in America." G.J. Gardner homes will lead the host volunteers in building a safe home for this warrior. GJG's Mona Kreiter added, "It's just a small thing we're doing, really. It's no big deal for us to give some time, really. Compared to what they've done? We're just honored to be part of this project.

The Bond family agrees, "It's great, it's needed, I'm excited."

The estimated completion of this home is expected to be October. Justin Bond and his family say they can't thank the community enough. It would seem the community thinks the same thing about this wounded warrior.

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