Fresno Grizzlies star in new Billy Crystal movie

FRESNO, Calif.

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A major motion picture will be shooting several scenes for an up coming movie during and after the game Saturday night - and the Grizzlies are looking to pack the park.

Fresno's Film Commissioner says this will put the city and the team on the map. It could also be a big financial boost Fresno's economy.

"Because Fresno is an integral part of the script, we know it's going to be on the screen. So we're not gonna just generate $80,000 to $100,000 in revenue, but Fresno is going to get positive publicity on screen, pre-promotion and it will be there forever," said Fresno Film Commissioner Ray Arthur.

The movie is about a minor league broadcaster who lives in Fresno. The broadcaster will be played by Billy Crystal.

Tickets for Saturday night's game will remain at normal prices and the production company will provide release waivers for all fans who appear in the film.

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