Fresno High students kept waiting

FRESNO, Calif.

The hour long wait was too much for senior Emonee LaRussa, "I don't like it because I feel like it is really hot in Fresno and the fact we have to wait like an hour to get on the bus is kinda bull."

Emonee got a ride home with a friend.

The school district says the long wait is because while the High School is getting out early, the buses must first pick up elementary school students, who get out of school at the same time, so the high school kids have to wait.

Senor Justin Newell said long waits for the bus are nothing new.

"It just got worse... we got out earlier."

A district spokesperson says in the event of extremely hot weather, or rain, students will be allowed to wait inside the school until the buses arrive, but that wasn't the case Thursday.

The school district says the shortened school day is not the result of budget issues, but part of a schedule standardization and other high schools in the district are also getting out earlier and leaving bus students waiting.

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