Job coaching in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Bernice Kao: "Whatever the job advertises, the skill that is required, you use exactly the same words they use."

It may look like any other career center in an office building, but, it's not. Nestled in a small library in Northwest Fresno is a place people looking for a job, come and find Bernice Kao. Bernice is with the Fresno County Library. She offers free one-on-one advice on everything, from sprucing up your resume, to how to nail an interview.

Bernice Kao: "We serve the same population, we don't care whether you are from Sanger, from Fresno, from Gillis Branch or from Mendota, we do that all over."

Right now Bernice travels all around our area but starting September first you can catch her at the Gillis Branch.

Karen Bryant: "My resume that I thought was pretty smart, it looked nice and neat and Bernice took her pen and said, no this isn't good, this isn't good."

Karen Bryant, lost her job in January. Her son Christian, an actor who performs in local plays is also unemployed.

In the Valley, Merced County has the highest unemployment rate at 18 point seven percent. Madera County checked in at 15 point four percent. Compare that nationally, just above nine percent of Americans are looking for work.

Bernice Kao: "Every "no" is the godparent of the yes, there is no doubt about it?"

Despite the high jobless rate, Bernice is optimistic, she calls this her life's calling.

Bernice Kao: "Absolutely, that's where my passion goes, if you would take everything away, I would still do the same thing I am doing."

You can set up an appointment with Bernice through the Gillis Branch of the Fresno County Library. She usually works weekdays, but she's known to fit people in on weekends.

Gillis Branch Library
Phone: 559.225.0140

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